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Launched in January 2005, Singapore Green Mark is a green building rating system designed to evaluate a building for its enviromental impact and performance. It is an initiative to promote sustainability in a building ad its enviroment whilst continuing to rasie enviromental awareness. Under the assessment framework, credits are gien for using sustainable building materials aproved under the Singapore Enviroment Council's Green Label scheme. This scheme awards enviroment-friendly products with eco-labels.

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Our range of eco-friendly tile adhesives is formulated using at least 20% slag as a cement replacement. This reduces the product’s embodied carbon footprint and qualifies it as a sustainable building product under the Green Label scheme. The “green” properties are further enhanced with our group’s patented Dust Less technology which improves air quality by reducing air borne pollution, thus creating healthier working conditions, less mess and a faster clean up for the installation. We expect the demand for eco friendly tile adhesives to continue to grow strongly in 2011 and onwards. In addition to eco friendly tile adhesives, we have developed and launched a wide range of low VOC waterproofing 




Eco Friendly Waterproofing and Tiling Products

Offer your customers greener products without sacrificing on quality. Parex Group offers Singaporean contractors a selection of exceptional eco-friendly tiles adhesives formulated using slag as a replacement for cement to reduce the embodied carbon footprint. This composition reduces the embodied carbon footprint of the product and ensures it qualifies as a sustainable building product under the Singapore Green Building Council.

The environmentally-friendly properties are enhanced through the inclusion of our patented Dust Less technology which helps to improve air quality through a reduction in airborne pollution ensuring healthier working conditions, faster post-installation clean-up and less overall mess.

Know exactly how eco-friendly your building is

Launched in 2005, Singapore Green Mark is a certification designed to promote awareness of the environmental impact of certain building materials and practices through recognising buildings for sustainable constructions practices.

Under the building rating system, products made using sustainable materials or with minimal impact to the environment are granted the Green Mark, a label signifying the company’s efforts to reduce their footprint. Many Parex Group products have been recognised under this eco labelling system, ensuring our customers get reliable, cost-effective products that are great for their customers and great for the planet.

Enquire today about our range of adhesives, waterproofing systems and renders

Our company expects demand for eco friendly tiles adhesive and products to grow strongly in the coming years. Browse our range of adhesives today alongside our extensive selection of low VOC eco friendly waterproofing systems.

For more information on any of our products, or to learn more about our company or our Green Mark certification, get in touch today. Fill in our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or call our office directly on (65) 6861 0632 and speak to our experienced staff.