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Introduce Green Mark : 

Green Mark has been extensively restructured:

  • 4 sustainabilty outcomes 
  • 5 scored sections
  • 16 Green Mark criteria 
  • 79 sustainabilty factors 
  • 120 points + advenced green efforts 

Green Mark certified is eauivalent to the BCA regulation for environmental sustainibilty

1. Climatic Responsive Design : This section recognises the fundamental design and leadership required to develop a sustainable building for the tropics, and rewards the designed approach and decisions at the conceptualisation, design construction, handover and operation of a building.

2. Building Energy Performance : This section's measures energy effectiveness of a building via the energy efficiency of its systems, total building energy consumption and the adoption of renewable energy.

3. Resource Stewardship : This section rewards buildings designed to conserve and use resources such as water, waste and construction materials responsibly during construction through to building operation.  

4. Smart and Healthy Building : This section will be enhanced to look deeper into smart control strategies and indoor environmental quality management, for enhanced liveability among Singapore's community and end-users and spur the necessary behavioural practices for greener buildings.

5. Advanced Green Building Effort : This section recognises the implementation of industry leading strategies, designs or processes that demonstrate exceptional levels of sustainable performance or innovation.


1.01 Sustainable urbanism :

Response to Site Context

Site analysis : 

  • Urban context
  • Site micro climate (sun/wind/acoustics/view/air)
    • sketch analysis OR
    • Simulation based
  • Site access and connectivity 
  • Urban form and massing 

EIA : 

Report of the EIA results and recommandations fro mitigation measures to ecological protection 

Urban Heat Hisland : 

  • Simple assessment based site plan view
  • % site area - deemed to comply are green areas and PV systems 
  • Roof & handscape to meet prescribed SRI values to score 


1.02 Integrated landscape and Waterscape :

I. Greenery Provision 

Pre-requisite for Gold+ and Platinum 

II. Tree Conservation 

Including replacement of felled trees 

III. Sustainable Landscape Management 

Use of NParks LEAF certification 

IV. Sustainable Stormwater Management 

Use of PUB ABC Waters certification 

1.03 Tropicality:

  • 1.03a Facade 

Checklist based (elemental performance of facade based on notional facade for each building type) WWR, U values, Air tightness/or permeability, SC values, effective sun shading.


Performance based from simulation and a building physics report that details the facade performance (e.g for highly engineered facades with high window to wall ratios.



Commercial Facade :

Total points (cap 4)


Industrial Facade : 

total points (cap at 4)


Notional Facade (baseline) for simulation 

Simulation is only required for the following : 

  • Commercial buildings with a WWR greater than 0.5
  • And, industrial buildings with a WRR greater then 0.25



3. Resource Stewardship 


Water : 8 points



Materials : 18 points



Waste : 4 points



Work In Progress...