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Aug 2015

On 28th August 2015, ParexGroup formally launched Davco K10 Green Sheet R, an innovative and "Green" waterproofing membrane with Singapore Green Building Council 3 ticks award for eco excellence in both product and manufacturing process. Davco K10 Green Sheet R launch was held at Spruce, and well attended by leading specialist waterproofing applicators in Singapore and overseas.  Spruce’s spacious interior dining area, alfresco setting, good food and drinks help facilitate the product launch and it an excellent opportunity for industry players to network and catchup with friends.

Davco K10 Green Sheet R is currently among the fastest drying, solvent free, single component, multi-layer waterproofing system in Singapore.  Its unique formulation using the latest fast cross linking, hybrid polymer technology, enables rapid curing and performances that surpasses other liquid applied waterproofing system.

During the product launch, customers could personally witness the key advantages of Davco K10 Green Sheet R which includes rapid drying and the anti washout properties. Several samples were casted at various thickness – 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 1.5mm and in various colours for the product demonstration. Water was then sprayed onto the samples after an hour to simulate sudden rain on site, which is common occurrence in our region. The waterproofing applicators and main contractors who were invited to test the foot trafficability of Davco K10 Green Sheet R samples by stepping on them. Many were impressed by the short curing time needed and how quickly it took to become foot trafficable. This event provided guests with excellent first hand exposure and knowledge to the latest technology in waterproofing. It also presented them with new opportunities for improving their workers’ productivity and efficiency with the use of Davco K10 Green Sheet R in their projects.

ParexGroup also took the opportunity to announce the award of Singapore Green Building Council’s 3 ticks Eco Excellence for our wide range of waterproofing products - both concealed and exposed waterproofing. This will enable developers to accumulate extra points for their prestigious Green Mark projects, and also give a crucial edge to our Specialist waterproofing applicators in Singapore’s highly competitive building environment.


About ParexGroup

ParexGroup is one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialty chemicals and ready-to-use mortars for the construction industry. Committed to adding value through innovation, ParexGroup utilizes the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes in the industry with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. With manufacturing sites and R&D centers in over 20 countries, the ParexGroup employs more than 2,700 industry professionals who are the corner stone of this thriving global organization.


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