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Tile Adhesive and Waterproofing Supplier Singapore | Parexgroup

Primer, sealer and bonding agent to prepare floor surfaces prior to the application of waterproofing membrane and wall coating system.
Specially formulated acrylic coating for application over asphalt and concrete type surfaces.
Deep penetrating sealer for concrete.
Polyurethane modified waterproofing system.
Flexible, coloured cementitious waterproofing system
Fully bonded, self-adhesive SBS (styrene butadiene styrene) modified bituminous sheet with high tack resins, waterproofing membrane for building use externally and internally.
Prefabricated roofing membrane manufactured under the most stringent quality control specifications, for the protection, repair and restoration of all types of roofs, gutters and structures.
White skim smoothing rendering powder to be mixed with water for repairing surface defects in concrete or render.
Non yellowing, clear polyurethane, anti-slip coating.
High performance, repair mortar for reinstating the integrity of the concrete slab.