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Davco K10 Polyurethane (PU) ECO Shield

Davco K10 PU ECO Shield is a premium quality, environmentally friendly, coloured elastomeric coating for the sealing, waterproofing and long term protection of concrete roofs. Davco K10 PU ECO Shield is a unique, single part, water based waterproofing system that is specially formulated for use on roof tops. In addition to its fast cure and superior tensile strength, it is highly flexible with good elongation to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction movements and bridge cracks in concrete roofs. Davco K10 PU ECO Shield forms a tough waterproofing membrane that is foot trafficable and is available in various colours, making it excellent for use in rejuvenating and restoring old and worn out roof.

  • Davco K10 PU ECO Shield can be applied to all common building materials such as concrete, render, aluminum, steel, cement sheet, masonry, brick, wood, etc.
  • Davco K10 PU ECO Shield is ideal for waterproofing roof tops and external facade.
  • Environmentally friendly with low VOC.
  • Good elongation with high flexibility.
  • Excellent water resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion to all commonly used building and construction materials.
  • Excellent dirt pick up resistance.
  • Non - flammable.
  • Non - toxic.
  • No application hazards.
  • High scrub and wash resistance.