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Davco Metal Primer (WB)

Davco Metal Primer (WB) is an environmentally friendly primer specially formulated with anti-flash rust property for use on metal roofs. Davco Metal Primer (WB) functions both as a sealer and bonding agent, when it is applied to metal roofs or concrete substrate prior to the application of waterproofing coating system. When Davco Metal Primer (WB) is applied over rough porous concrete, it acts as a pore sealer, eliminating potential bubbling issues when subsequent waterproofing system is applied over it.

  • Davco Metal Primer (WB) is suitable for the below applications:
    To reduce flash rust on metal surfaces prior to waterproofing application.
    Improve bonding between metal and waterproofing product.
    Reduce blistering of waterproofing membrane.