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Tile Adhesive and Waterproofing Supplier Singapore | Parexgroup

Lanko 133 PU Topcoat

Lanko 133 PU Top Coat forms a tough homogeneous top coat that protects the floor topping while enhancing the floor tone uniformity. Lanko 133 PU Top Coat also increases the slip, stain and abrasion resistance, enhancing durability and ease in cleaning.

  • Lanko 133 PU Top coat is specially formulated for both internal and external application and is ideal for refurbishing old and worn flooring surfaces and for areas that requires slip and stain resistance, durability and easy maintenance such as:
    Pool decks
    Gym floors
    Commercial kitchens
    Multi-purpose rooms
    Restaurant flooring
    Sports floors
    Retail entryways
    Weight rooms
    Locker rooms
    Fitness centers
  • Lanko 133 PU Top Coat is;
    Water based and non flammable.
    Available in various colours.
    Resistant to mildew and other bacterial growth.
    Waterproof and does not absorb water.
    Non-corrosive when exposed to chemicals, animal fats or grease.