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Tile Adhesive and Waterproofing Supplier Singapore | Parexgroup

Lanko 742

742 CURE SP forms a continuous film on the surface of fresh mortar and concrete. The film delays the evaporation of water content in sunny/windy conditions and promotes correct binder hydration, even at the surface.

  • All cases in which climatic conditions (sun, wind) accelerate the evaporation of water used in mixing.

  • Structures with a high surface: volume ratio.

  • To reduce cracking and shrinkage in the following situations:
    traffic surfaces - roads, motorways, bridges, embankments, canals, airport runways.
    protection of concrete walkways, terraces and flooring.
    protection of reservoirs, tunnels, gallaries, vaults.

  • Reduces the risk of cracking
  • Pigment free
  • Protects mortar and concrete from drying out
  • Reduces crazing and shrinkage