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Lanko Duramite Dry

LANKO DURAMITE DRY is a non-metallic cementitious floor hardener which is supplied in a dry powder form. Application of LANKO DURAMITE DRY is by dry shake method over freshly placed concrete or cement sand topping, giving the floor a hard wearing surface finish.

  • LANKO DURAMITE DRY forms a hardened and wear resistance surface on concrete or cement toppings in locations subject to heavy traffic movements. It is designed to use in following areas:
    Car parks
    Manufacturing plants
    Industrial floors
  • It is non-metallic, providing an exceptionally durable surface that will not rust when wet.
  • Improve resistance to oil and water penetration.
  • Non-skid, hard wearing and easy to maintain.
  • Moh hardness of aggregates greater than 7.
  • Improves abrasion resistance of concrete by more than 30%.