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Lanko Lightweight Filler

Davco Lightweight Filler is a cementitious, lightweight filler specially formulated for use as an infill between drywall boards to reduce weight and improve sound and thermal insulation of dry walls. Davco Lightweight Filler has low shrinkage, fire resistant and suitable for use on most dry wall boards. It is specially designed to be pumpable for ease of installation. Davco Lightweight Filler is composed of Perlite Lightweight Aggregate, ordinary Portland cement, fine limestone, specially selected air entraining and foam stabilising agents. It is manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure consistent quality.

  • Davco Lightweight Filler is suitable for use as a lightweight filler in areas between drywall boards to improve thermal and sound insulation between rooms.
  • Davco Lightweight Filler reduces the transmission of sound generated in domestic situations through conventional drywall. Drywall systems with Davco Lightweight Filler, allows the hanging of heavy objects such as picture frames and television, anywhere on the drywall.
  • Davco Lightweight Filler reduces weight by upto 60% compared to sand and cement screeds (1200 – 1500kg/m3).
  • Davco Lightweight Filler has lower shrinkage with less cracks.
  • Davco Lightweight Filler reduces sound transmission - especially impact sound.
  • Davco Lightweight Filler is non-flammable, and provides excellent thermal insulation without posing any fire risk.
  • Davco Lightweight filler is pumpable for ease of installation.