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Lanko Lightweight Mortar

Davco Lightweight Mortar is an environmentally friendly, cementitious, lightweight screeding mortar specially formulated for weight reduction and thermal insulation on floors and roofs. Davco Lightweight Mortar surface will have lower abrasion resistance and does not provide a wearing surface. When Davco Lightweight Mortar is used for flooring, it needs to be topped with Lanko 783 SL, a highly flowable acrylic polymer cementitious coating that forms hard wearing surface after curing. The surface can then be as final finished or tiled over. Davco Lightweight Mortar is available in different grades to meet your varied site requirements. When used on roofs Davco Lightweight Mortar can be laid to falls and is generally topped with protection felt and covered with precast concrete panels or Davco Floor Screed. Davco Lightweight Mortar is composed of Perlite Lightweight Aggregate, ordinary Portland cement, fine limestone, specially selected air entraining and foam stabilising agents. It is manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure consistent quality. For exposure to weather, waterproofing system is required to lay over the Davco Lightweight Mortar.

  • Davco Lightweight Mortar is suitable for use as a lightweight substrate in areas with structural load constraint, as a thermal and sound insulation slab between floors.
  • Davco Lightweight Mortar Eco reduces weight by upto 40% compared to sand and cement screeds (1200 – 1500kg/m3). Reduced dead loads means less supporting structure is needed.
  • Davco Lightweight Mortar has lower shrinkage resulting in fewer cracks.Davco Lightweight Mortar reduces impact sound transmission - especially impact sound.