Garden City Fund - Let's Plant A Tree

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June, 2017

In the face of increasing global concern over climate change, destruction of forests and species extinction, the Plant-A-Tree programme provides an avenue for both organization and individuals to contribute to the environment by actively participate in the greening of our City in a Garden by planting trees. Caring for trees and the environment is the social responsibility of every individual. Therefore, for ParexGroup’s first CSR in 2017, we planted trees in Pulau Ubin.

On 7th June 2017, ParexGroup’s staff and family members gathered at Pulau Ubin and spent the morning planting saplings. After which we had lunch and embarked on our sightseeing journey either by foot, van or bicycle.

Why plant trees?

Trees beautify our environment but their values lie beyond the aesthetics. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, increase biodiversity in our environment, prevent soil erosion, as well as provide shade and lower the atmospheric temperature.


Source: https://www.gardencityfund.org/pat/


Other than contributing to make our country a greener place, we also had a pleasant day exploring Pulau Ubin.

Food for thought: We all work hard for the financial security for our families and to achieve a comfortable lifestyle. How about securing the future of our environment for the generations to come? The Plant-A-Tree Programme is your 'green investment' for the future.




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