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July, 2016

On 20th June 2016, there was a sea of red at the central kitchen of Willing Hearts, and a bustling of activities going on. 

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Willing Hearts Image

Willing Hearts Image

It was wonderful to have everyone coming together for the sole purpose of helping those in need. Some were preparing ingredients while others were washing utensils and cooking at the 3 super big woks. These food will be packed for distributions to various locations within a span of 5 hours. For those who went for the deliveries, they experienced the warm smiles of gratitude from those eagerly waiting elderly for the packed rice.

We were told that some elderly only have this one meal a day and will have to make do with what we delivered to them.

Every day, including Sunday and public holidays, Willing hearts, the charitable organisation that was founded by Tony, has been distributing 5000 packets of cooked food to the needy simply because “The poor needs to eat every day, even on special occasions!”

When asked about whether the government is doing enough to support the lower income, Tony replied “Singaporeans must help other Singaporeans. It’s the moral duty of the government to look after the needy but they cannot do it alone. It is the duty of every Singaporean to reach out to the government.

ParexGroup is pleased to support Willing Heart in its outreach to the poor and needy. This CSR event has really been a therapeutic and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

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We are thankful to all staffs and their family members who have joined us for a good cause and make this CSR event a successful one!!




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