Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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Eddie L H Yap, Project Manager, Hydro-Seal Engineering Pte Ltd

Davco has been our main supplier for our waterproofing needs since 1995. Besides supplying us with reliable and first rated quality products, they have always been supportive in the work we do and have provided us with first-class services whenever required. They are always quick to respond to queries and doubts, providing us with the necessary help we need to complete our projects. Their response to our orders is always timely and efficient, allowing us to rely on them without hesitation. They are always transparent with their business, never promising anything they cannot deliver. Their top-notched service is always sincere and genuine and have never once serviced us just for the “sake of it”. They have never pushed the blame to others whenever things do not go as plan and will do everything in their power to ease or solve any issues at hand. There have also been several instances where they have gone out of their way to assist us in our work even when circumstances are not the most favourable for them. There will be no need to hesitate to use their products or services as they have made a meaningful difference in our business and I am sure they will do in yours too. We would love to continue our cherished partnership with this esteemed company for a long time.





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