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Mar 2013

ParexGroup is commitment to sustainable development involves adopting and championing charitable causes within our local communities. Last year we chose the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) as our adopted charity to raise awareness of cancer in young children. The fund raised has helped CCF to care for young cancer patients and their families. This year we have adopted Lee Ah Mooi Aged Home as our charitable project for 2012/2013. Our staff are given time off to visit to the home during office hours and organize weekend karaoke to interact with residents there. The big smiles on their face, the gentle touch of their hands and the twinkle in their eyes tells us that our social gatherings are very much appreciated.                                                                                                      

In particular the fundraising for Lee Ah Mooi Aged Home project has enjoyed great success this year. With your enthusiastic support, we have managed to raise $30,000 for the home. This entire amount will go towards upgrading facilities and buying daily essentials for the residents in the home. Through these programs, we hope to appreciate the elderly in our society and show them that we care.

The goal of the ParexGroup is to continue to make a difference by contributing back to our society. With the help of donations from supporters such as you we will continue to see improvements in the lives of the unfortunate in our community.




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