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Jul 2014

In our continuous effort to promote awareness on the environmental impact of building, and educate them on the latest regulatory requirement on environmental sustainability, we have been conducting exchange sessions in our customers’ offices to introduce to them our newly launched eco- friendly building products that is gaining popularity in the market.
In addition to their interest in sustainable building material, there is also an emphasis among contractors on increasing productivity on site, mainly driven by the restriction on the supply of foreign workers and their increasing levy,. 
We had the pleasure of meeting up with the senior staff in TPS office during our sharing session where June, our technical specifier introduced our range of eco-friendly products and new  products that are specially formulated for use with new construction methods that are being introduced on site, with the aim of increasing on site productivity. 
If you are interested in conducting similar events at your office, please feel free to contact June at junet@parexgroup.com.sg  to arrange for such a session .
Photos taken on 25th July 2014 




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