Davco Floor Bond


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Davco Floor Bond
Davco Floor Bond

Davco Floor Bond is a thick bed, cement based tile adhesive that eliminates the need to screed then tile, saving both time and manpower cost.

Davco Floor Bond is specially formulated for installations where unevenness of the substrate or tiles requires application layers to be up to 30mm thick. It is ideal for installing uneven slate, tiles with deep recessed backs, large ceramic tiles, as it allows proper contact of the adhesive to the substrate.

Davco Floor Bond is classified as C1 when tested in accordance to BS EN standards.

  • Fixing ceramic tiles, slates, marbles, granite, natural stone.
  • Installing large size tiles on interior and exterior floors.
  • Installing tiles on irregular substrate. Enhance with Davco Mortaflex ECO or Davco Davelastic for installation of large or heavy tiles, in external or in immersed areas.
  • Davco Floor Bond is economical and easy to use - just add water or Davco Davelastic or Davco Mortaflex ECO depending on area of application.
  • Bedding thickness range from 10mm to 30mm.
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