Davco SMP 2010


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Davco SMP 2010
Davco SMP 2010

Davco SMP 2010 is a premium grade, polymer fortified adhesive that is ideal for interior & exterior applications in residential and commercial work areas. It is specially formulated with low shrinkage and non-horizontal slump properties, making it ideal for installation of high quality tiles on floor and walls.

Davco SMP 2010 has a C2TE classification when tested in accordance to BS ISO 13007:2010

  • Can be used on both walls and floors, in interior and exterior applications.
  • Can be used to fix tiles onto concrete, cement renders/screeds, blockwork, rendered brickwork and compatible waterproofing membranes.
  • Davco SMP 2010 is recommended for the thick and thin bed fixing of all types of ceramic, mosaic, fully vitrified, porcelain, terracotta, slate, quarry, natural stone, granite and marble tiles with the exception of green marble.
  • When Davco SMP 2010 is modified with Davco Mortaflex ECO / Davelastic (diluted 1:1 with water) it enhances its performance and the system may be used to fix tiles onto facades, screed/render cured for 24hours and fix tiles in immersed situations (such as swimming pools, spas and similar areas).
  • Excellent Open Time
  • Long repositioning time with extended open time of 30min, which provides greater fixing efficiency over larger areas, therefore increasing productivity.
  • Excellent Pot Life
  • The mixed mortar remains useable in a container for up to 3 hours at 20°C, prolonging its usefulness, therefore reducing wastage and saving you money.
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