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Davco K10 SolarTAC Technical Specification
Davco K10 SolarTAC Technical Specification

Davco K10 SolarTAC is a cost effective heat shielding coating that uses advanced insulation technology to reduce the interior temperature of buildings. Davco K10 SolarTAC is specially formulated with fine spherical particles that minimises surface temperature on roof and walls by reflecting a large percentage of the radiant heat energy before it penetrates the building. This lowers interior temperature and reduces energy cost for cooling the building.

  • Davco K10 SolarTAC is ideal for roofs and walls in both commercial and residential buildings.
  • Davco K10 SolarTAC can be applied to substrate such as concrete, render, aluminum, steel, cement sheet, masonry, brick, wood, etc.
  • Easy to apply , non toxic & environmentally friendly.
  • Reduce radiant heat in dwelling.
  • Reduce energy consumption by cooling the building.
  • Has anti mould and anti fungi properties.
  • Electromeric qualities.
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