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Lanko 783
Lanko 783

Lanko 783 is a two component pre-packed high performance acrylic polymer modified cement based mortar with high abrasion, impact and skid resistances and is ideal for carparks and industrial floorings.

  • Resurfacing of old and worn concrete floors.
  • Patching and repairing of damaged concrete surfaces.
  • Topping for new concrete floors to increase the skid and wear resistance.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior application, e.g. warehouses, car parks & driveways, bus bays, concrete roads, docks, etc.
  • As a screed over to concrete roof gutters.
  • Repair and re-surfacing to damaged concrete staircases.
  • As water, skid and wear resistance coating to suit open, enclosed and basement car park applications. It is effective as an ‘anti-screech’ coat to multi-storey car parks, driveway and ramp,especially to descending and ascending turn areas.
  • Coating to internal and external walkways for new and upgrading projects.
  • Protective screed for industrial floors in high wearing areas to architects’ specification.
  • As a repair patch over exposed concrete floor, slab and tile surfaces.
  • Reduce tyre screeching sound in carparks when vehicles are negotiating corners.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete.
  • Excellent abrasion & impact resistance.
  • Good waterproofing properties.
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