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Sep 2016

Bex Asia 2016

Bex Asia 2016

ParexGroup Participates in BEX Asia 2016: The leading green building exhibition in Southeast Asia

As the Singapore Government has begun moving towards a more productive and eco-friendly construction sector, the construction industry has seen a growing demand for more efficient and convenient application products.

To meet these growing demands, ParexGroup Singapore has developed several green-marked products. At this year’s BEX Asia exhibition, we are featuring our recently launched Panel Wall System and K10 Green Sheet products.

Bex Asia 2016

Panel Wall System

Due to its lightweight and versatile features, dry wall has increasingly become the material of choice for prefabricated bathrooms. However, contractors face persistent problems with water leakage in such wet spaces. As such, many see/face compromised durability of dry wall boards due to the ingress of water, and low tensile strength due to the relative weakness of the board substrate.

To overcome these two issues, we have introduced our Davco K10 Dampflex waterproofing system, which gives waterproofing protection to the board, as well as increases the tensile pullout strength of the tile adhesive.

To address the need to increase productivity on site, we will also be introducing our Davco K11 Flex Rapidex, a concealed two component cementitious waterproofing system that is fast drying and allows for water ponding within the same day, at the exhibition. This rapid setting waterproofing technology, together with our rapid setting non-shrink grout and tile adhesive products allow for any toilet renovation to be completed 20% faster, significantly increasing convenience for the house owner and contractors alike.

Bex Asia 2016

K10 Green Sheet R

To maximize productivity in roof areas, we have launched our fast-setting Davco K10 Green Sheet R. The Davco K10 Green Sheet R dries 50% faster than normal waterproofing products, needing only 30 minutes to one hour of drying time. Its fast-drying property reduces inter-coat waiting time, while the anti-washout feature gives protection against sudden weather changes during the installation of roof waterproofing membranes. In addition to these time-saving qualities, the Davco K10 Green Sheet R is flexible and tough, ensuring that applications can endure high foot traffic without being compromised. To suit Singapore’s humid environment, our Davco K10 Green Sheet R is UV ray resistant and resistant to mold and fungi growth, perfect for protecting clients’ assets by preventing water leakages on roof areas.

Eco-friendliness is also an important feature as Singapore moves towards a greener, more sustainable construction sector. With its easy to use, solvent free, single component system, Davco K10 Green Sheet R allows contractors to reduce stocks on site, thereby reducing wastage and lowering cost.

Both our Davco Panel Wall System and Davco K10 Green Sheet R products take into consideration the time, effort and necessary features contractors look for. The products will be displayed at the 2016 BEX Asia Exhibition will be held on 7th-9th September, at the Marina Bay Sands. 

Bex Asia 2016

Bex Asia 2016





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