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Jun 2012

Gardens by the Bay, a massive initiative to create a vast green space in the Marina South district that will become the 'botanical capital of the world’, aims to get Singaporeans thinking about nature and the possible challenges of climate change. This landmark project is estimated to cost around $1bn Singaporean dollars.

Towering above the city, these “Super Trees” are as tall as skyscrapers and look like they belong on another planet with their wiry canopies and greenery where the bark should be, These man-made structures are part of an artificial woodland stretching 50 metres into the sky, mimicking the qualities of trees here on earth. Seven of the 18 structures are fitted with solar panels that convert sunlight into energy which will then be used to light the areas below.These imposing trees have colossal concrete trunks weighing hundreds of tonnes and employ thousands of thick wire rods to create artificial branches and canopies. Hanging gardens and rainwater catches will be added to the trees and a 22 metre high walkway will be made between two of the canopies allowing guests to take in a view of the scenery.

The entire structure will house a cluster of green conservatories with plants from around the world and will also become the new home to the Singapore Garden Festival.

Davco K10 GRS 2000 - Waterproofing and Protecting Super Trees

Image source: http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg




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