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Apr 2012

The Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC)’s Green Building Product Certification Scheme, launched in 2010, is the 1st dedicated green building product certification scheme for Singapore’s Building & Construction Authority (BCA)’s Green Mark scheme.

SGBC’s Singapore Green Building Product Certification is an excellent listing of robustly assessed and certified green building products that are meaningfully differentiated for safer, healthier, efficient and sustainable products in the building industry. It provides construction industry professionals with a list of eco friendly building products that are resource efficient, potentially better efficiency and lower environmental impact, provide better indoor environmental quality for a healthy, and productive workplace in buildings.

The Green Building Product Certification adopts a dual tier criteria and where feasible, a life cycle approach in its assessment criteria. These criteria are to encourage manufactures to improve product development and strive for greener innovation in products by adopting a grading system to accord higher grading for greener products and to set a direction for continual improvement.

In the latest version 4 of the Green mark assessment criteria for residential and non residential buildings, BCA has adopted a multi tier product rating scheme. The extent of the environmental friendliness of products will affect the points awarded for example:

Eco friendly Category

Good                - 1 point

Very Good        - 1.5 points

Excellent          - 2 points

We are pleased to announce that our Davco K10 Duraflex (Grey), K10 Sovacryl (Grey ) and K10 PU Plus (Grey ) all have been graded as excellent eco friendly products and obtained 3 ticks out of a maximum 4 ticks available in the Façade and Roof system under their prestigious and stringent certification scheme.

Details of certification can be viewed at Singapore Green Building Council website.


ParexDavco Coatings Achieves 3 Ticks under SGBC Building Product Certification ParexDavco Coatings Achieves 3 Ticks under SGBC Building Product Certification ParexDavco Coatings Achieves 3 Ticks under SGBC Building Product Certification




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