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Jul 2012

The River Safari is an upcoming river-themed zoo located in Singapore that is scheduled to be open in 2012 with its construction set to be completed in late 2011. The construction will cost S$180m, with attractions built over 12 hectares of land nestled between the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. The River Safari, touted to be the world’s first and only river-themed park, boasts a tropical rainforest setting and will feature the Nile River, the Yangtze River, the Mississippi, the Amazon and even the frozen river of Tundra where visitors can enjoy boat rides and soak in the freshwater habitats of these famous rivers.  The park will showcase 300 plant species and 500 animal species, including creatures like the anaconda, electric eel, a 350kg Mekong river catfish, and Giant Pandas from China.

In line with its eco-friendly ethos, Wildlife Reserve Singapore, the developer of River Safari, are aiming for an eco-friendly certification award for this iconic project - gunning for the prestigious Gold Green Mark standard. The consulting architects, DP Architects thoroughly evaluated several waterproofing systems before deciding to use Davco K11 Matryx and SK 2000 for its safe, non toxic and eco friendly features. Increasingly both in Singapore and globally, developers and architects are becoming more environmentally conscience. It is therefore essential that our waterproofing systems must have these eco-friendly features, in addition to superior performance, to participate in iconic construction projects. Davco K11 Matryx, a cementitious crystalline waterproofing system and Davco SK 2000, a Self Adhesive sheet membrane, are certified by Singapore Environment Council as eco-friendly products under their international Green Label Scheme.

ParexDavco Waterproofing Rivers Around The World at River Safari, Singapore

Image source: http://www.riversafari.com.sg




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