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Apr 2012

In their continuous effort to cut down on carbon emission, the Singapore government’s key strategy is to improve on energy efficiency by passing a bill, the Energy Conservation Act, which requires energy management practices for all institutions and companies in Singapore.

ParexDavco (Singapore) supports the bill as it is also a part of our commitment towards sustainable development by continuously striving to be more energy efficient.

Our factory, located in Tuas South, has a floor area of 5000 sqm and an annual electricity bill of more than $600,000 dollars. We conducted an energy audit to identify areas where significant energy savings can be achieved, and then put in place an energy conservation plan for the entire plant.

Investment was made to change all conventional light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs. Light wells were installed to allow in natural light into the production work area, cutting down on artificial lighting electricity usage. Our factory’s metal roof was painted with Davco K10 SolarTac, an eco friendly heat reflective coating with waterproofing properties. This reduces the roof’s surface temperature, minimizing heat transfer, allowing our workers to work in a cooler and more comfortable environment. All of these measures results in a significant drop in our electricity usage, allowing us to enjoy lower energy cost while taking care of the environment.

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Singapore Goverment Targets Energy Efficiency
Singapore Goverment Targets Energy Efficiency





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