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White skim smoothing rendering powder to be mixed with water for repairing surface defects in concrete or render.
Environmentally friendly cementitious plaster.
Environmentally friendly, high quality premixed cementitious plaster.
Environmentally friendly, skim coat, which is specially formulated to be trowelled or sprayable for increased productivity.
Environmentally friendly, high performance premixed plaster.
En environmentally friendly, high performance premixed plaster.
Premium grade, environmentally friendly cementitious skim coat, with reduced embedded carbon footprint.
Environmentally friendly cementitious skim coat, specially formulated with recycled material for reduced embedded carbon footprint.
Cementitious skim coat plaster that is specially formulated for both internal and external skimming.
Environmentally friendly cementitious skim coat plaster with a lower embodied carbon footprint.




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