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Davco 124 Ultraprime
Davco 124 Ultraprime

Davco 124 Ultraprime is a technologically advanced acrylic based multipurpose primer, for use prior to the application of Lanko mortar systems onto porous substrates. Davco 124 Ultraprime increases the bond strength of cementitious mortar systems, such as floor levellers and patching and repair products. Davco 124 Ultraprime is coloured blue, to allow for easy identification.

  • Davco 124 Ultraprime can be used as a wall and floor primer, in internal and external applications.
  • Davco 124 Ultraprime can be applied over timber, concrete and most common porous building substrates prior to the application of Davco floor levellers and patching and repair mortars systems.
  • Davco 124 Ultraprime reduces the porosity of substrates by providing a consistent surface to regulate the drying of Davco mortar systems.
  • The application of Davco 124 Ultraprime prior to applying Davco floor levellers reduces pin-holing.
  • Davco 124 Ultraprime increases the adhesion of Davco mortar systems.




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