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Davco 133 Pro Level
Davco 133 Pro Level

Davco 133 Pro Level is a cement based , high strength self leveling overlayment designed for internal and external use. Davco 133 Pro Level can be feather edged and has properties similar to that of concrete. A high fluid and consistent mix producing a smooth level and hard surface can be achieved on site with only the addition of water. Davco 133 Pro Level is formulated to be versatile self levelling screed with application thickness up to 30mm, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor application.

  • Suitable for both internal or external usage.
  • Repair, fill and level new or old concrete surfaces.
  • Compatible with commonly used tile adhesive.
  • Lanko 133 Pro level is not a wearing surface and must be protected with floor covering, or a compatible flooring top coat or sealer.
  • Application thickness : 3 to 30mm.
  • Hydraulic, ready-to-mix product.
  • Can be covered or exposed.




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