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Davco K10 Panel Flex
Davco K10 Panel Flex

Davco K10 Panel Flex is a polyurethane modified, concealed waterproofing and sealing membrane that is ready-to-use from the container.
Davco K10 Panel Flex is specially formulated with high elongation and flexibility, making it ideal for waterproofing areas with high movement stress area like drywall panel joints in prefabricated bathroom unit.

  • Davco K10 Panel Flex provides a seamless waterproofing system for use in shower recess of prefabricated bathroom unit, prior to tiling.
  • It can also be used to waterproof terraces & balconies.
  • Ease of use -Davco K10 Panel Flex is a premixed waterproofing membrane, making it easy to use directly out of the container.
  • Flexible-Davco K10 Panel Flex is extremely flexible enabling it to cater for limited floor movement while absorbing vibration.
  • Eco-Friendly-Davco K10 Panel Flex is a water-based product with Low VOC, non-toxic and non flammable. It can be safely used as waterproofing in confined areas




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