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Davco K11 CPA
Davco K11 CPA

Davco K11 CPA (Crystalline Plaster Additive) is a highly effective, chloride free, waterproofing admixture for render, screed and/or mortar mixes. Davco K11 CPA uses the latest crystalline technilogy to waterproof plaster or mortar mix when added on site. It forms tiny crystals in the capillary of the plaster, to block the flow of seepages and reduce the absorption of moisture.

  • Waterproofing admixture for sand/cement mortar mix or prepack plaster, where waterproofing properties is required.
  • Used in concrete block and bricklayer's mortars, in lining swimming pools as well as in other mortar mixes
  • Lower water absorption of mortar
  • Highly economical
  • Chloride free
  • Reacts with moisture to form crystals in the capillaries which blocks water adsorption




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