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Davco No 1
Davco No 1

Davco No. 1, a highly effective chloride free, normal setting plasticizing and waterproofing admixture for render, screed and/or mortar mixes. Davco No. 1 is added to concrete or mortar mix to reduce the absorption of moisture.

  • Waterproofing admixture for sand/cement or screed where a highly workable but low water content mix is desirable, thus repelling water.
  • Used in concrete block and bricklayer's mortars, in lining swimming pools as well as in other suitable mortar mixes.
  • Makes mortar waterproof
  • Highly economical
  • Quick-setting
  • Chloride free (unlike other waterproofing and plasticising admixtures)
  • No corrosion to reinforcement or other metal components
  • Reacts with lime during hydration to form a highly repellent substance in the capillaries which blocks water adsorption




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