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Davco Panel WP Skim (Ext)
Davco Panel WP Skim (Ext)

Davco Panel WP Skim (Ext) is a water resistant, environmentally friendly, skim coat, that is specially formulated to be trowelled or sprayable for increased productivity . Davco Panel WP Skim (Ext) can be applied up to 15mm thick, on vertical surfaces of concrete or panel walls using an airless spraying machine or trowel.

  • Application of Davco Panel WP Skim (Ext) is suitable for all types of concrete substrates such as lightweight concrete slabs, panel, walls, columns and beams.
  • Davco Panel WP Skim (Ext) can also be applied on lightweight autoclaved aerated blocks, blockwall and plastered surfaces.
  • Can apply up to 15mm in total thickness.
  • Eliminates the need for plastering before skimming.
  • Water resistant, making it ideal for external application.
  • Easy to apply and sprayable.
  • Increases productivity and saves on manpower.
  • Environmentally friendly and non toxic.




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