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Davco Rockfil (External) ECO
Davco Rockfil (External) ECO

Davco Rockfil (External) ECO is a moisture resistant joint and skimming compound that is specially formulated for external application. Its unique cement free formulation and eco friendly packaging reduces the product’s carbon foot print making it an environmentally friendly, all purpose joint compound. Davco Rockfil (External) ECO is available in paste form and is ready to use direct from pail.

  • Davco Rockfil (External) ECO is ideal for smoothening the surfaces of masonry plastered exterior wall or as joint compound for drywall exterior, prior to painting. It is also suitable for use on textured wall boards, laminated wall board, old plastered wall and gypsum wall board. After curing, Davco Rockfil (External) ECO gives a smooth, weather resistant and hard surface which can be sanded down when required.
  • After mixing, excess Davco Rockfil (External) ECO can be stored in a plastic pail for next day application, minimizing product wastages on site.
  • Moisture resistant
  • Environmentally friendly and non toxic.
  • Gives a hard surface which can be smoothened  by sanding.
  • Can feather edge.
  • Quick drying with high bond strength.
  • Excess product can be stored after mixing, reducing product waste.




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