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Davco Tile Bond ECO
Davco Tile Bond ECO

Davco Tilebond ECO is a factory prepacked cement based sanded dryset mortar. Davco Tile Bond ECO when mixed with Davco Mortaflex ECO is classified as C2S1 when tested in accordance to BS EN12004 : 2007.

  • For the installation of absorptive and non-absorptive wall and floor tiles for interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Davco Tile Bond ECO is used with Davco Mortaflex ECO, Davco Davelastic to install non-absorptive tiles including heavy duty tiles, marbles and granite.
  • Can be used as a skim render or screed when gauged with Davco Mortaflex ECO and apply in minimum 5mm thick.
  • Top quality control is ensured as all ingredients are batched in the factory.
  • Eliminates the use of inconsistent grades of sand used on site, which may contain impurities that gives efflorescence problem.
  • Allows for better control of cement to sand ratio mix as site mix is avoided.
  • Provides improved flexural strength, thus giving long lasting durability.
  • Upgrades tensile and shear bond strength to vertical and horizontal tiling installation.
  • Convenient to use as the materials is pre-packed.
  • As the sand is washed, dry and graded in the factory, it is possible to form render minimum 5mm thick.




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