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Davco Ultraflow Grout
Davco Ultraflow Grout

DAVCO ULTRAFLOW GROUT is a non-shrink, high fluidity, high strength and slow setting grout that is pumpable over a long distance. It requires only on-site addition of water to provide a non-shrink free flowing grout.

  • DAVCO ULTRAFLOW GROUT can be use in all grouting situation where shrinkage is undesirable.
  • Primary uses are: bedding, filling and grouting applications where complete filling of voids with a high strength non-shrink material is required. It can be used for underplate grouting, repairs to precast concrete, honeycombing, bedding bearing plates, anchor bolt fixing, cable grouting and crane rail assembly.
  • Free of bleeding, settlement and shrinkage.
  • Consistent good performance as all ingredients are premixed in the factory.
  • Longer duration of high flow rate.
  • Eliminates shrinkage in both plastic and hardened phases.
  • Increased strength when fully restrained.




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